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Model Train & Hobby Store in Maryland

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Store and location information: Engine House Hobbies is located at the corner of East Diamond Avenue and Chestnut Street at the entrance to historic  Old Towne Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Engine House Hobbies is a unique hobby store specializing in model trains in Maryland. EHH not only presents a wide range of trains, train related products and sculptural landscape features, but also provides a haven for the creative spirit of any hobbyist. Whether you are designing a small landscape for you and your children to enjoy, or a wide world to let your imagination run free, you will find tracks, trains, trees, grasses, houses and much more at Engine House Hobbies.

Engine House Hobbies carries every element you need, from the general essentials to the specific details, including Woodland Scenics, Scenic Express, Floquil, MTH, Lionel, Williams, Gargraves, Ross, Athearn, Bachmann and dozens more. Outside the store you’ll find the mainline B&O railroad (now CSX) out of Washington DC, and inside you’ll find a beautiful and detailed 7' x 10' train landscape.

The best of Engine House Hobbies is showcased in the in-store model, and visitors are encouraged to enjoy it and start their own. All store merchandise is also available or sale via email, phone or snail mail nationally and internationally where available. For more information on specials, shipping, make-an-offer items and more, stop in or call Engine House Hobbies.

The building is an old restored cannery serviced by the B&O railroad (now CSX) along the mainline out of Washington DC going west. As such, it is an ideal location to come and watch many of the CSX freight, AMTRAK passenger and MARC commuter trains from inside or outside the store. Or, simply watch the trains run on the in store 7' x 10' layout.  Train watchers of all ages welcome. Buyers appreciated (Return)

Store Location 

Goal and Philosophy: The goal and philosophy of Engine House Hobbies is to service the creative needs of the model railroader, train enthusiast, train collector and creative spirit of any hobbyist and to provide them with the answers to the questions they have.  Trains, and the interest in trains, is seen only as the vehicle for fulfilling a deeper creative need.  It is fully expected that individuals will surf the web and visit train shows looking for the cheapest price. However, those who are serious about the hobby, about trains and nourishing their creativity look for a place to share their ideas, interests and have their unique needs fulfilled at a location to which they can always return and feel at home. Throughout the years Engine House Hobbies has become such a place. Engine House Hobbies looks to continue to service those needs and the passion which gives rise to the interest in trains.  (Return)

Engine House Hobbies on train layout

History of the store: Engine House Hobbies has been in business for over 20 years at several different locations. The store grew out of Postal Pro, a shipping store, originally located at Postal Pro, 8035-D Snouffer School Road, Gaithersburg MD 20879 which began to carry trains at the request of customers. Postal Pro Hobbies was formed to service those needs. About 20 years ago Postal Pro ceased to exist and Engine House Hobbies was created to service the local area customer train needs and desires. The new Engine House Hobbies opened at an ideal location at 315-G East Diamond Avenue. The location placed the store at the center of Olde Towne Gaithersburg adjacent to the Gaithersburg Railroad Station along the CSX mainline. Unfortunately, urban renewal caused the store location to move north to its current location at 1-A East Diamond Avenue in a renovated old cannery serviced by the B&O railroad along the CSX mainline at the beginning of Olde Towne. Whether through the location of MTH in Columbia MD to Gaithersburg or other reasons, interest in MTH O Gauge products has dominated Engine House Sales and particularly its service. Although

there is a very reasonable interest in Lionel and HO products, MTH has been a slightly greater portion than Lionel and HO in response to patrons interest. The store and inventory will continue to change and evolve in response to the interests and requests of its patrons as it has in the past. (Return


Railroad names: Engine House Hobbies carries carries a variety of roadnames in O and HO. Preference is to look for and stock current and former railroads local to the Maryland - Washington DC - Virginia area: the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O), Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O), Chessie System, CSX, Western Maryland (WM) Norfolk Southern (NS), Norfolk and Western (N&W), Pennsylvania  (PRR), CONRAIL,

Railroads 1

AMTRAK, MARC, Virginia Rail Express (VRE), Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac (RF&P), Southern, Maryland Midland, Winchester and Western, and the Maryland and Pennsylvania (Ma and Pa). Of course, this includes many of the railroads absorbed in the many railroad mergers which occurred over time such the New Your Central (NYC), Delaware and Hudson (D&H), Pittsburgh and Lake Erie (P&LE), Seaboard Coast Line, Louisville and Nashville (L&N) and such. (Return)


Railroad crossing at store

Product lines: Engine House Hobbies carries a wide range of train and train related products for a variety of scales and useful in other creative endeavors. Included are: Woodland Scenics, Scenic Express, Floquil, MTH, Lionel, Williams, Gargraves, Ross, Athearn, Bachmann, Walthers, Atlas, Life Like, AristoCraft, Kalmback Kadee, Arttista, Plastruck, Evergreen, Weaver, Model Power, DPM, Dremel, Xacto, Priser, Faller,  AAA wire, and many others. (Return)


Sales information:  All store merchandise and inventory is available for sale in store, email, phone orders and snail mail nationally and internationally unless restriction apply for whatever reason such as hazardous material or custom restrictions. Of course, internet patrons are at a disadvantage to know what is available. Since Engine House Hobbies is more of a show room store than an internet store, the complete store inventory is not listed on the web and it may be necessary to contact Engine House Hobbies as to the availability of particular items. The Engine House Hobbies web site is not currently equipped to take credit cards. All internet orders will be processed over the telephone. All items and shipping and handling related charges must be prepaid and cleared unless prior arrangements are made with the proprietor. MasterCard, Visa, and Discovery can be used on any order.  (Return)

Railroad going West
Railroad to DC

Pricing and discounts: Generally, pricing is normally based on the current manufacturer's catalog. Of course, there are always those slow moving items sitting on the shelf with an old catalog price. Discounts are used in several ways at Engine House Hobbies. Engine House Hobbies does not normally move the volume of products warranting discount pricing on all merchandise. Discounts are used to move products, on individual volume/quantity purchases, for catalog pre-orders and to reward loyalty. Discounts are also frequently offered on mail order sales over $100 to help offset shipping costs. It is fully expected that the buyer will surf the web for the cheapest price available. Depending on the item, and at the discretion of the proprietor, cheaper prices may be met with the presentation of evidence of bona fide posted regular pricing of a competitor (such as a website address or ad). But, it should be expected, cost will be recovered unless it is a clearance or discontinued item.  Items will not be sold less than dealer cost to meet the advertised price of others. (Return)


Mail ordering and shipping: All shipping and handling charges for new purchase or for repairs must be paid prior to shipment and cleared unless prior arrangement are made with the proprietor. MasterCard, Visa, and Discovery can be used on any order. Attempts will be made to keep shipping costs reasonable. Unless specifically requested, all shipping will be ground shipping. Shipping cost will include insurance for items valued at over $100 US dollars. US Postal Service will most probably be used if the item fits in a flat rate shipping box. Otherwise, a commercial carrier will be utilized.

Coal drag to DC

Depending on size, weight, location, insurance, fuel costs and the like, shipping costs can vary between $5 and $25 for most shipping. Discounts are frequently offered for mail order sales over $100 to help offset shipping costs. Prepaid shipping labels are welcome to help reduce your costs. (Return

Helper pushing coal drag to DC

Catalog sales and catalog pre-orders:  Given the changes occurring in the way many train manufacturers are producing and marketing their products, in many ways Engine House Hobbies functions much like the old catalog stores which made such businesses such as Sear, Roebuck and Company and Montgomery Ward famous. That is, a store limited by its physical size but with an expansive catalog tremendously magnifying the volume and diversity of products available. Given the limited physical structure of the Engine House Hobbies building we cannot hope to carry the volume and diversity of products available to the various gauges of model railroading and associated railroading items. However, we can obtain almost any item an individual finds in a manufacturer, distributor or store catalog if the product is currently available. Our policy is to find and obtain for the customer whatever item the customer finds in a current catalog. Discounts are available on most catalog pre-orders. Typical preorder discounts vary between seven percent

(7%) and ten percent (10%). A ten percent (10%) deposit on the list price is required  for new customers without a store history. Come in and see if we can find what you desire and establish a store history to get your discount.  (Return)


Specials: Specials are posted and available from time to time.  Closeout specials are items which the store will no longer carry and are reduced in price to move the item. Some items are greatly reduced in price whereas others may only have a nominal reduction. Prices may be negotiable within reason. From time to time, some closeout items are posted on the web and are listed on the Merchandise and Inventory Web Page.    (Return)

store photo 1 

store layout 5

Engine House Hobbies Consignment Service: The Engine House Hobbies no longer offers a Consignment Service


Make an offer items: (In store service) "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Make an offer items are items which in the eye of some are not useable under normal circumstances or in the way the item was designed to be used. However, there are many creative uses for what others may call junk, or at least not useful. Many of them find their way onto a model train layout. These items are unpriced but may contain former pricing or prices of such an item purchased new, if such prices are available. The actual sale price is negotiable and any sale starts with the buyer suggesting what they would like to pay for the item or what they think it is worth.   (Return)

store layout 9

store layout 2 

Estates and estate related products: (A local area service) Liquidation services for train collections are available for collections within local travel distances. Given the great variation as to quality and usefulness of the items in a given collection, no guidelines are posted as to how a given estate would be liquidated. Only that which is salvageable and usable from an estate collection will be considered for liquidation. Estate items are posted on the Engine House Hobbies Merchandise and Inventory web page under the topic "Estate Items."    (Return)


Train Related Consultation: Free in store consultation and advice on trains, layout design and construction as store conditions warrant. Paid consultation tailored to the individual needs including layout construction and./or troubleshooting and repairs on operational problems on home layouts is available. However, it does need to be noted, the focus and preferred method is to work with the individual in the construction or troubleshooting rather than doing the work for the individual.   (Return)

store layout 3 

store layout 4

Creativity Consultation: Free in store consultation and advice on creativity related topics issues and problems as store conditions warrant based on the understanding found in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding. Paid consultation it tailored to the  individual's creative needs whatever they may be.   (Return)


Contact Information:

Web Address: http://enginehousehobbies.net

Email: contact@enginehousehobbies.net

Mailing Address:
Engine House Hobbies
1-A East Diamond Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Phone: 301-590-0816

store layout 6

store layout 8 

Customer Product Feedback: Feedback on products and and what the customer has to say about a product or ways to get around operational issues or train related topics is always welcome. Feedback beneficial to others can be found by clicking here and going to the Engine House Hobbies Feedback page (Return).


Selected hyperlinks: Hyperlinks which the visitors to the Engine House Hobbies Web Site may find useful. Click here for hyperlinks     (Return)

Suggestions: Suggestion on, or for, this web site and/or store operation are welcome. Suggestions can be made by contacting Engine House Hobbies  (Return

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