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Railroad names

The basics - always try to have on hand
All Gauge Basics
O Gauge Basics
HO Gauge Basics

Transient inventory- That which comes and goes and may or may not come again - but what most are interested in buying
O Gauge Inventory
HO Gauge Inventory
Items not included in the O Gauge or HO Gauge Inventories

Estate Items


Engine House Hobbies is a complete model train hobby business, with trains, accessories and sculptural elements to help you build your own interactive model train landscape. With hundreds of items, brands and types to choose, your landscape is limited only by your imagination. From the littlest children to dedicated adults, each visitor will find a special spark and a unique interest in each model.

From the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia area railroads, up north to Ohio, Chesapeake and Pennsylvania, onward to CONRAIL, Amtrack, MARC, New York Central and beyond, Engine House Hobbies’ railroads cross geography and time. You’ll find all the scenery, tools and adhesives you need to build your landscape, and hundreds of special items to add details to your roads, buildings, lines and tracks. Engine House Hobbies also stocks a wide range of special inventory shown only for limited times, including new arrivals from the manufacturer and special accessories to add your own unique signature to your design.

All items are available in the store, and also may be ordered via email, phone or snail mail. Contact or visit Engine House Hobbies to learn more their model train hobby inventory in Maryland, and start building your own design.

Pricing: Engine House Hobbies does not move the volume of products to provide routine discount pricing. Other than consignments, special deals, closeouts and the like, prices are normally determined by the current manufacturer's suggest retailed price. All discounts are based on the manufacturer's retail price.

Pricing of items in production or routinely produced and are routinely restocked (such as track, accessories and the like) are posted on the web with a dollar value with the year the price was posed posted followed a "CC." Time and resources do not always allow for timely updates of prices changes of website prices on routinely stocked items. The "CC" reflects that the price charged will be the current manufacturer's catalog price. For example, a track item may be listed as "$2.00 as of 2010/CC. However, the price charged will be the current catalog price."

Depending on the item, and at the discretion of the proprietor, cheaper prices may be met with the presentation of evidence of bona fide posted regular pricing of a competitor. But, it should be expected, cost will be recovered unless it is a clearance or discontinued item.  Items will not be sold less than dealer cost to meet the advertised price of others.(Return)

Railroad names: Engine House Hobbies carries a variety of roadnames in O and HO. Preference is to look for and stock current and former railroads local to the Maryland - Washington DC - Virginia area such a the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O), Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O), Chessie System, CSX, Western Maryland (WM), Norfolk Southern (NS), Norfolk and Western (N&W), Pennsylvania (PRR), CONRAIL, Amtrack, MARC, Virginia Rail Express (VRE), Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac (RF&P), Southern, Maryland Midland, Winchester and Western, and the Maryland and Pennsylvania (Ma and Pa). Of course, this includes many of the railroads absorbed in the many railroad mergers which occurred over time such the New Your Central (NYC), Delaware and Hudson (D&H), Pittsburgh and Lake Erie (P&LE), Seaboard Coast Line, Louisville and Nashville (L&N) and such. (Return)

The basics: The basics are the essentials one needs to set up and run a train set or construct a layout and keep it running including scenery, tools ahesives and the like. These are the items we try to always have in stock. If you are looking for these types of materials, check our list and see if we have what you want. This list of items is not expected to change over time. As such, the price on these items reflects the catalog price at the time of posting. Prices may vary according to the manufacturer's price increase and current manufacturer's price. (Return)

All Gauge Basics (Return)
Woodland Scenics
Plaststruck (Inventory not yet loaded))
Floquil has been discontinued by the manufacture. Call the store for any remaining inventory

O Gauge Basics (Return)
MTH O Gauge basics (Inventory not yet loaded)
Lionel basics (Inventory not yet loaded)

HO Gauge Basics (Return)
Atlas basics (Inventory not yet loaded)
Bachmann Trains basics (Inventory not yet loaded)
MTH  HO basics (Inventory not yet loaded)

Transient inventory:  This category of merchandise which comes and goes  and may or may not be restocked.  It is reflective of three types of materials which continually spark people's interest and may or may not be restocked after being sold out. One type is material better known as new arrivals and available in MTH, Lionel and other manufacturer's "preorder" catalogs and are released at various times throughout the year. The second type are items such as accessories which do not fall into the basics category of products.  The third type are train and train related items that do not fall into the normal train manufacturer's catalogs. (Return)

O Gauge Inventory (Return)
Ready-To-Run (RTR)
Engines - all types
Passenger and passenger related cars
Box Cars
Refrigerator Cars
Hopper, Ore and Ballast Cars
Flat Cars
Covered Hoppers and Cylindrical Cars
Corrugated auto cars
Tank cars
Other types of cars
Speciality Sets

HO Gauge Inventory (Return)
Ready-To-Run (RTR) and Speciality Sets (Inventory not yet loaded)
Engines - all types (Inventory not yet loaded)
Passenger and passenger related cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Cabooses (Inventory not yet loaded)
Box Cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Refrigerator Cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Hopper Cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Gondolas (Inventory not yet loaded)
Flat Cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Covered Hoppers and Cylindrical Cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Corrugated auto cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Tank cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Other types of cars (Inventory not yet loaded)
Speciality Sets (Inventory not yet loaded)
Buildings (Inventory not yet loaded)
Accessories (Inventory not yet loaded)

Items not included in O Gauge or HO Gauge Inventories (Return)
Items not included in one of the above categories (Inventory not yet loaded)

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